Tuesday, June 30, 2009

once a liar always a liar

i have a friend, well she's not a friend anymore because she's taken the behaviour of a pathelogical liar to new heights. it's one thing to over embellish to elevate story value, it's another to mimic my life or travels.

no one really cares if you're po. hell, people struggle every day. but to fabricate stories just to revive your popularity by turning friends against each other? hello? schoolyard, much? sick.

getting jobs all over the world and bragging about them, then come 2 weeks before take off? oops! the deal fell through. sure. and earning an uber salary? erm, your pleather handbag may beg to differ. so might your fraying polyester tank top and your jeans from the halfway mark of being vintage. yeah, that's the mark where it's too uncool to be in trend and too new to be vintage.

so what if you have a new Gucci clutch? two words: Summer Sale. so don't try bragging all over Facebook about it because it's pretty pathetic. alongside your phantom plane tickets and luxxe items that we all know dont really exist.

oh and that pool you keep speaking of? i'm quite certain the pool exists. toys 'r us sells them, no?

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