Friday, August 7, 2009

kidnap me please

WHY do people insist on tweeting (on public profiles) "I'm at xxxxx (location) does anyone want to hangout?" ALL THE TIME. erm. first of all, aren't you worried that some crazy stalker's going to kidnap your sorry ass? oh wait, i guess you're not important enough to be kidnapped. haha.

it's true. it's the ones who are so desperate for attention or friends that feel the need to constantly blab about where they are and if anyone wants to join them. well, we live in the age where mobile phones are essential. trust me. if anyone wants to see you, they'll call. no need to publically broadcast your whereabouts in hope that someone nearby will care to hangout with you.

i know this girl who's not very attractive at all. think Beth Ditto minus the celebrity factor. (shudder). anyway, she ALWAYS feels the need to not only tweet (with myloc) where she is but also what car she's driving (insert european luxury car). um.. okay, we know that your family has some money but not a dime was earned by YOU. put that aside, i know that being the size of Beth Ditto may decrease the chances of getting kidnapped unless a whale harpoon is acquired, but seriously. how stupid.

oh and she also feels the need to blab about sleeping in someone elses bed. yes, we know some sick fuck managed to stomach the guts to give you a good shag, no need to tell the web that there is someone out there who actually wants to fuck you. but i suppose congratulations is in order since i know for a fact you've been spending years hunting around on online adult matchmaker type websites and hoping to be hunted too. hope being the operative word here.

and when a guy actually dates you and leaves you after you've paid for his expenses - flights, hotel bills, food etc. don't feel upset about it. because: If you tell the whole world about how much money you (read: your family) has and you're not attractive. Be Prepared for a gold digger to leech on to you till he can't stomach your obese sexual appetite (as she so publically proclaims) anymore.

oo that felt so good to get off my chest!