Wednesday, July 1, 2009

damn boy, what the fuck happened to you?!

okay, so i know that when a relationship is over it's over. but trustly ol' facebook recently flaunted some party pics in my newsfeed featuring one of my ex boyfriends. so of course, i couldn't help but take a little peek.

little did i know that my first *vomit* 'love' was in the photo album too! okay, so this was the dude that totally messed me up in my teens - yeah yeah i felt pretty damn sorry for myself because he totally toyed with my emotions and pulled the stupid suicide card more than once just to get into my pants. oh i'm not mad at him, i'm mad at my own stupidity and naiveness for believing him. but that's a totally different issue.

back to the juicy bits. so, when i saw the pics, first thing that came to my head was "DAMN, BOY! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU?!" he literally looks like the Michelin Man!!! i had to take two looks because it was a toss up between Michelin Man's body with the self satisfied look (of foody contentment) of the Pilsbury Boy!! seriously, once again "damn boy, what the fuck happened to you?!"

i mean this dude used to be pretty trim but i guess people change in a few years but dayyyyyyyymn!

i know i know, it's petty of me to rag on my ex. but shit, seeing photos like that bring 2 identifiable emotions:

1. fuck, i'm glad i didnt get the short end of the stick in the timeline of his looks department
2. smugness. oh i am so damn smug.

ain't it snarkeriffic?

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