Sunday, June 14, 2009

Can't Buy Me Love? Hmm..

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well, of course you can buy me Love! call me materialistic, but in relationships, sometimes 'love' just isn't enough.

when you can't make rent because your broke-ass boyfriend is mooching off you. where's the 'loving' feeling? sure, great sex will make you the Queen of Euphemism for a while, but realistically speaking, after a while, don't you feel like kicking his po-ass to the curb? come on!

if you're the richer one in the relationship, are you suppose to apologise for your wealth when he asks you questions like "oh, how many thousands did that bag cost?" or "sorry, i'm not rich like you." of course, you reply with "don't be silly, i don't measure our relationship like that." what you really want to say is "fuck you and your broke ass too."

but then again, sigh. when we're in love, lust or infactuation, we all become Queens of Euphemism and Optimism. Just because denial is more comforting than the realism that we're dating losers.
i think that there's nothing wrong being financially challenged, but don't make other people feel guilty for having money! the worst part is, that quite a number of guys that fall into this catagory tend to mooch/scum off their partners but at the same time have no qualms about condemning their lifestyle. so much hate here.
i remember having a conversation with a friend and she told me she had purchased a limited edition Dior saddlebag but she didn't dare to tell her bf how much she paid for it because she was certain he'd tell her off for it. so i asked her, 'did you use his credit card to pay for it?' she replied 'no, my (read: my parents) credit card.' i then couldn't help but blurt 'then how the hell is it his business to tell you off when it's not even his money?!' she shrugged and said he just does when she spends. geeez!! how annoying!
so back to the whole 'can't buy me love' theory. i beg to differ. now, i don't believe in total gold-diggersville, but i truly believe that 'love' alone is not enough to make a relationship work. to commit yourself to a person who is financially retarded is asking for hardship. and if you believe that love will fill in the gaps of financial burden, well, you're pretty naive.
far from being too cynical, i'd like to think of myself as a realist. if both partners work hard in the relationship (okay, i'd prefer my partner to earn more than me because i have double standards and i'd be happier if he bought me my next Chanel bag instead of forking it out myself), i'd feel a lot of love for the bag! See, you 'can' buy me love! Gimme!

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