Tuesday, June 23, 2009

too fat for coach?!

i have a 'friend' (okay, i use the term 'friend' relatively loosely as what i really mean is a person i've known for years and i'm faux friends with) who's pretty fat. like, Beth Ditto kind of fat, maybe a bit fatter. first up, i have Nothing against fat people at all. so keep reading and don't hate.

so the fat girl has no qualms in telling her internet friends/lovers about her family money. okay, we're not talking about heiress rich but relatively well-off. look, if you're not attractive and you dont want a guy to like you for your money (read: pay for his own shit and not mooch off you) don't tell them that you're driving a mercedes or whatev and that your family is paperstacked with x amount of properties! duh.

anyway, so she proceeds on telling her friends (yours truly included) about how she can Only travel Business Class or First. her parents pay for all her flights (yep, not working either and in her late twenties - really going places in life). and this whole 'Business Class/First Class' travel is justified by **drumroll** "ECONOMY CLASS SEATS ARE TOO SMALL FOR ME SO I NEED TO BE IN BUSINESS CLASS OR FIRST."

i'm sorry (well, not really sorry) but if your ass is too fucking fat for a standard aircraft seat, it's fucking evident that you need to shed off the lard from your booty!!!!

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