Friday, June 19, 2009

ex lard buckets

why is it when people who used to belong to the fatters-club lose weight, they feel the need to announce every meal they have or every workout session endured? i mean, yes yes yes, we're all well aware that you've dropped the kilos but we dont need to hear a rundown of how many lettuce leaves you've consumed or how many crumbs of feta you've sprinkled on your stupid salad!

AND we certainly dont need to know how many pull-ups you can do or how you're pushing yourself to run 100miles to drop 5kilos. actually, the workout bit doesnt annoy me as much as the food thing. it's so annoying to see stupid status updates on fb or tweets saying "xxxxx ate salad with no dressing and a little crumbed feta for lunch and will have a very light dinner tonight - no carbs." and when the menu differs with/without cheese or meat or a couple of tomatoes, really. yes yes, we know you're carb-free. shut up already! ooo or the girls who eat 2 grilled prawns and state "oh my god, i'm soooo full." right. makes me want to tie them up and force feed them lard. and by the way, one of these people is a GUY.

sure, he used to be a little chubby and now he's pretty fit. but really, nobody cares how many tomato seeds you've swallowed. oh and if/when you do get fat again, you're going to look back at your 'health' journal and depress yourself. annoying! oh, and no matter how ripped your body is, it doesnt change the fact that your personality is as dull as an old gym sock.

i know this may be a little cruel of me to be so rude but it's only because when he chats with me online he babbles on and on and on about what he doesnt eat. i feel like saying "yes, i'm aware you're no longer a porker, but when you shedded off your beer gut, did your personality go away too? oh wait, you never had any to begin with. bye!!" did i say that? no. it's too mean to say to a person's face, that's why i have this blog. to vent.

oh! andddddd there's this other girl. now she's Really annoying. probably worst than gym sock boy. so, back in highschool she was apparently a bit of a porker. then she went to 'normal' and now she's sticksville. fair enough, i understand she likes being skinny. who doesnt, right? but she's one of those people who not only announces at the table how she's still so "fat" (she's like as skinny as Mary-Kate) and every time she eats a bite of something she says it's sinful and she's so FAT.

and then, she proceeds to announce on fb and twitter how "fat" she is. obviously she wants people to say "oh my god, you're SO SKINNY!" erm... i know people who have eating disorders are called bulemic and anorexic, what do you call people with faux eating disorders and seek attention in doing so? is there a medical disorder for that? can someone people diagnose her and possibly lock her up for it? please??

oh and another annoying thing. she refuses to order anything at the table claiming she's eaten already. yet she picks at EVERYONE'S food. forfuckssake, just order a fucking entree sized salad and eat that! but no. the stingey bitch doesnt want to pay for Anything. yep, she's one of those leechers who never pay for anything.

phew. that was nice to get off my chest .

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